Based in New York City, indie rock act Parlors is made up of brothers Matt and Dan Fullam and friends Matt DaSilva and Hart Mechlin.

The origins of the band date to the Fullam brothers’ elementary years, when the duo started playing music together after their parents gifted Dan a drum set. DaSilva (bass) was the first addition to the family affair, and after a stint apart in college, the group reconvened in New York City, where Hart Mechlin was brought in as lead guitar.

Known for engaging live performances and alt-rock energy, the band draws inspiration from a hodgepodge of indie rock influences. There are hints of Arctic Monkeys, Foals, Queens of the Stone Age, and even slick indie acts like Lime Cordiale and Dominic Fike as the band regularly flits between pop and rock genres.

“We half-jokingly call our sound ‘desert rock on the beach,’ but we do think that it’s an apt description of our sound,” says Dan. “While it isn’t always a perfect formula, sometimes that friction between desert guitars and beachy melodies works well, and we thrive on that type of healthy tension.”

In 2018, Parlors released a collection of three songs that helped to establish a baseline of indie rock sensibilities while providing a hint of the group’s range and potential. “A Night out of Dallas” features captivating guitar lines that cavort over a soundscape that’s reminiscent of 2009 Arctic Monkeys. “Glass Bricks” is a slow burner with a heavy bass line, and the heavy rock/indie pop blend featured in “State Lines” has led to the song accruing over 150K streams.

In 2019, Parlors continued to build on that success. The group released its single “Lemon Ice” in June to critical acclaim, with ​Two Story Melody​ noting that it “bleeds raw crowd-pleasing energy.”

Subsequent single“Stucco”garnered attention for its catchy melodic lines, with Original Rock​ labeling it “old-world desert grit and modern urban energy [that] begs to be heard live.”

The band’s final 2019 track release, “Lima,” is a dancier uptempo gro​ove à la Ph​oenix’s 1​901​ that Buzz Music​ ​labeled as “captivating, slick indie (rock).”

2020 sees the band continuing to explore new sonic ground, while still maintaining a core sound that threads back to their debut EP. Released in early August, single “Cinema Kids’ dials back the intensity of the guitars to set the stage for a Cage the Elephant-esque earworm hook showcasing Fullam’s strongest vocal performance to-date.